First impressions

Opening Statement

John McNally

Managing Editor

September 2019

It is all starting to fit.

Adapting to the pace of working downtown. Committing the keystrokes of a new publishing system to muscle memory. Learning the names and friendly faces of new colleagues throughout the Law Bulletin Media office.

I am starting to find that rhythm.

It has been a long time since I started with a new company and with a whole new set of responsibilities. It’s intimidating. But then your training and experience take the wheel.

I have learned throughout my now 15 years in journalism, and especially during the last eight in business-to-business publishing, that developing and maintaining strong relationships is one of the major keys to creating top-notch issues.

It now becomes my top priority to earn your trust, and it is a challenge I intend on quickly meeting. In turn, I hope you will learn to become open to discussing potential stories, no matter how sensitive the topic may be, for Chicago Lawyer.

I look forward to soon becoming a fixture at professional events, meeting as many of you as possible and developing those relationships. I expect you will find me to be friendly and, most importantly, fair when it comes to telling the important stories that the profession needs to read.

I am sure there will be disagreements along the way, but I will not play favorites and pledge to maintain the elite editorial standards Chicago Lawyer has fostered for more than 40 years.

Reach out

My email inbox is always open for potential story ideas, and when you do see me out at events, don’t be a stranger. Come say hello, and let’s strike up a conversation, even if it is as simple as what your kids are up to. As a soon-to-be-father at the beginning of 2020, I need all the parental advice I can get!

If we’re standing still, we’re behind. The innovations I intend to bring as managing editor of Chicago Lawyer include more online-only editorial content, an increased social media presence (make sure to follow both myself @McNallyChiLaw and @ChicagoLawyer) and, eventually, a podcast.

Presenting important information in unique packages is critical to engaging you, our readers. I am looking forward to creating illuminating design packages, thought-provoking editorials, captivating social media and more for you to digest.

I am always on the lookout for new contributing writers who can provide stories that help shine a light on an area of the profession that needs to be seen or can help a lawyer do his or her job better.

I am hoping to add a young professional to our columnist ranks as well, someone who can provide insight to fellow recent law school graduates about how to find their way in those burgeoning steps of their career. If you have any interest in being a contributor, please reach out to me and we can have a conversation and see if there is a fit.

This opportunity to lead Chicago Lawyer is not something I will take for granted and I want to say thank you to the people I have met already. Your warm regards, helpfulness, and excitement have absolutely made the launch of my tenure go smoothly.

It is all starting to come together.

Now, the fun can really start.