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Summertime blues

July 11, 2019
By Paul Dailing

As a journalist, I make no endorsements, commercials, plugs, promotions, blurbs, circulars, proclamations or other words that show up on when I type in “advertisement.”

However, as a person who has seen the beautiful cover of this issue, I’ve got to say The Standard Club has some fancy digs.

In agreeing to host our cover shoot of women leaders of some of Illinois’ largest law firms, The Standard Club has asked that I include this text:

“Nationally recognized as one of the most prestigious private clubs in the country, The Standard Club has been an integral part of Chicago’s business elite since its founding in 1869. The Club is revered as one of Chicago’s civic treasures, an organization whose incomparable prestige and principles have attracted the city’s business, cultural and charitable leaders for generations — a legacy that lives on today.

“To step inside The Standard Club is to experience something extraordinary; to sense the familiarity and formality woven together in a fabric of comfort, a haven from the tumult so characteristic of the lives of successful people. Intertwined is a remarkable spirit that lets you conduct business or relax in the company of others who have been drawn to the Club by shared experiences and values. It is a place like no other.

“After 150 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, the traditions of The Standard Club thrive and are continually evolving to enrich the lives of those who join in membership. The Club’s diverse social, business, family and athletic activities afford our Members the opportunity to build a lifetime of professional and social relationships in an atmosphere of comradeship. The Standard Club is at once timeless and ever-changing, a place that draws from its history as it offers dynamic new opportunities. For our Members, it’s a place where our distinguished past builds a more distinguished future.”

It was a beautiful venue for our shoot, and photographer Lisa Predko as always took full visual advantage of the space. I’d like to thank all the managing partners and partners-in-charge who both came with us for the shoot and whose insights on supporting women in law you can read starting on Page 16.

That piece leads into our 2019 Diversity Survey, this year’s look at who makes up Big Law. Half of the 20 largest firms in Illinois have women in charge, but those numbers are not reflected in the rank and file. Diversity in Big Law is a sadly timeless issue with years of data wondering why the face of Big Law looks so little like the face of society.

This issue also looks at the world of the in-house counsel, talking to seven local attorneys for companies including Walgreens, Sara Lee, R.R. Donnelley and Jones Lang LaSalle about the new expectations, new challenges and new opportunities facing today’s inside counsel. Tequia Burt as always turned in a masterwork, which you can read starting on Page 32.

This being the July issue, it’s only appropriate that our Q&A salutes those who bleed red, white and blue. Of course, I’m referring to the colors of the Cubs logo. Former state senator William Marovitz and retired Cook County judge Julian Frazin (Disclosure: Julian is the theater critic for our sister publication the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) came up with the idea of a play about the Cubs. A conveniently timed World Series win gave the play its momentum. “Miracle: A Musical 108 Years in the Making” was born. Hear Marovitz’s story and tour the set on Page 14.

We also spoke with Elaine Sit, one of the winners of a 2019 Distinguished Service Award from Chicago Volunteer Legal Services, about her work in Chicago’s Chinatown. That’s on Page 82, because not only is this a great issue, it’s a big one.

Exciting lawyers, illuminating columns, a little data on Big Law and, yeah, the Cubs make this another wonderful issue I’m proud to be a part of. I hope you like reading it as much as we liked making it.

All the best,

Paul Dailing

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